Support Your Downtown, Leave a Lasting Legacy!

Main Street McMinnville is excited to offer you a unique opportunity to contribute to the vibrant future of our beloved town. By purchasing one of our commemorative items, you not only enhance the charm of downtown McMinnville but also leave a lasting mark on its history.

Available Commemoratives:

  1. Engraved Bricks:

    • Your name or message will be permanently etched into the sidewalks of Main Street.
    • Perfect for commemorating a special date, honoring a loved one, or promoting your business.
  2. Decorative Benches:

    • Sponsor a bench and provide a welcoming spot for residents and visitors to rest.
    • A personalized plaque will adorn the bench, showcasing your support for downtown revitalization.
  3. Personalized Stone Inset:

    • Contribute to the beautification of our town by sponsoring a personalized stone inset in key public areas.
    • Your name or message will be integrated into a designated location, showcasing your commitment to community development.
  4. Street Light Plaques:

    • Illuminate the way forward by sponsoring a street light plaque.
    • Your name or business logo will be displayed prominently, symbolizing your dedication to the prosperity of Main Street.
  5. Plaques for Planter Boxes:

    • Enhance the greenery of downtown by sponsoring a planter box plaque.
    • Your personalized message will be displayed, adding a touch of elegance to our streetscape.

How Your Contribution Makes a Difference:

  • Community Beautification: Your commemorative item contributes to the visual appeal of downtown, making it an even more attractive place for residents and visitors.

  • Economic Development: Funds raised through this initiative go directly towards supporting local businesses, events, and initiatives that boost economic growth in McMinnville.

  • Preservation of Heritage: By leaving your mark on Main Street, you become a part of McMinnville's rich history, ensuring that future generations can appreciate the community's growth and development.

Order Information:

To secure your commemorative item and support downtown McMinnville, please use the contact form below. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the perfect option to showcase your commitment to our community.

Thank you for being a crucial part of Main Street McMinnville's journey towards a vibrant and thriving future!