The Good Kind of Downtown Drama

McMinnville is experiencing a renaissance! In the next month and a few days three different theater groups are performing four different shows in our area! How lucky we are to have these groups encouraging local talent and producing exciting shows. We wanted to highlight these groups, the beautiful Park Theater, and other resources for the dramatists in our midsts. Let the show begin!

Dream Reality Group

DRG's founder, director Logan Taylor and stage manager & talent development coordinator Vicki Myers organize magical performances and cultivate local teenagers into seasoned performers. Their big and bold musical producations bubble over with color, music, and energy. DRG's next performance is March 15-17 when they will present Beauty & the Beast at the beautiful Park Theater.

Warren Arts Foundation

This local arts group emerged over the summer with Sheri Denning and Chad McGee at the helm. The ultimate aim of the group include different types of art offerings and classes, and they have started by forming a community theater group which offers adults and youth performing opportunities in large-scale musical productions and now a well-known play. Check out their latest production - Neil Simon's Barefoot in the Park which is playing at 605 Red Road through March 4.

We'd be remiss in not mentioning the Dekalb Arts Performing Company who is following up their sold out performance of Steel Magnolia's with two nights of The Lion King on April 5 & 6 at the Park Theater. Jason Isaac directs this theater group out of Smithville and provides opportunities to adult dramatists. And Paula's Dance Academy located right on West Main Street where youth can learn many different types of dance and gain experience performing on stage and in dance competitions.

Youth Theater Camp

Last year, the Park Theater and Main Street McMinnville Youth Theater Camp served 92 students from 5 different counties including Murfreesboro. Students worked with expert theater educators from Creative Compass Dramatics out of Chicago. The youth not only audition, rehearse, and perform all in one week; the instructors organize games that help the students understand voice control, body movement and control, team work, and a whole lot of imagination and creativity. We are gearing up for Youth Theater Camp 2018 and will release more information about it, later on in the spring.

The historic Park Theater, built in 1939, was reopened in 2015. We are forever grateful to the Park Theater Group, the City of McMinnville, and all the suppporters for renovating our historic theater, literally setting the stage for these community groups. It has become a hub of vibrant, theatrical activity and incubator for nuturing young talent!

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