History Happened Here!

What's the National Register? How big is McMinnville's Historic District? Downtown Deco, where's it at?

These and other preservation & smart development questions can be answered by our new Preservation Toolkit!

McMinnville is proud of its history andmany building owners have worked hard to bring out its historic charm and celebrate the buildings that connect us back to earlier generations. We have six properties on the National Register located downtown alone. Click below for each property's NR application:

The Black House

First United Methodist Church of McMinnville

First Presbyterian Church

Magness Library and Community House

The Pure Oil Building

US Post Office

City Cemetery

If you are curious about saving places, have a preservation project you want to tackle, or know the difference in history and design between corinthian and ionic capital, this toolkit has something for you to continue growing and learning about new projects and techniques.

Check it out and send us feedback on what's missing. We are excited to add more and grow this community resource!

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