Meet Me Downtown: Attorney Ryan J. Moore

Warning: Graphic Content

Meet Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law, Husband of Ashley, Father of Sutherlyn and Shepherd, Andy Griffith super fan, gym rat, tennis enthusiast, water ski trickster, and, on the off chance that Joe Rogan ever calls me, my first round draft pick for Fear Factor contestant. Is that show still on…? Ryan needs an application...

BROOK: Tell me about your life growing up, about what your life was like before you went to Law School.

RYAN: I’ve lived in McMinnville all my life. Before I became a lawyer I worked for my family’s business, Supreme Building Products, as the sales manager. I worked mostly with contractors who were building new homes or doing large remodel projects. I worked there 4 years full time after graduating Belmont with my degree in Political Science and Communications and after that I went to law school at night while still working full time, graduated and passed the bar. I've been practicing for about 5 years. I always knew that I wanted to be a lawyer, I just needed to wait for the right time.

BROOK: Oh wow, so you always wanted to be a lawyer? What was your draw to the law? (Side note: Yes, it rhymed. Yes, you may giggle like a small child… I’ll wait)

RYAN: Growing up I always enjoyed reading and Political Science and History… I think it was a natural attraction.

BROOK: Is there anything you like about the practice of law more than anything else?

RYAN: I like trial work! I enjoy being in the courtroom… civil litigation mainly, and criminal cases…

BROOK: Tell me about the waterskiing? Are you any good? Can you do tricks??? Because that would just make my whole day… (Can I just take a moment to point out that both spell check and the internet seem to be divided on whether water ski is one word or two! Get it together, Google)

RYAN: I can ski on one ski! I’m a slalom skier and I do run the ski course. I don’t do any tricks that require a helmet, but I like to go fast. The faster the better! I try to go as often as I can in the summer to Rock Island and to the ski course on Center Hill Lake. I’ve not made it to Center Hill in a while! With small kids things seem much further away that they might really be!

BROOK: That’s right, you just had a NEW baby! He’s precious too! Has it drastically changed the dynamic of your household?

RYAN: Shepherd is six months old. Having two is like having 20! One baby we could really manage, two is just total chaos. All in a good way, but you know about that!

BROOK: It is total chaos, but WONDERFUL chaos! I had both of mine really close together like yours, but I was really young and still too stupid to realize it was total chaos and HARD! I don’t think I could do it at this age.

BROOK: Tell me a little about your practice and this building! It looks amazing, by the way, you’ve done a great job with the remodel. Your interior design is one of my favorite’s downtown.

RYAN: It used to be the old Dugan’s Grocery store! We had the historic artwork on the side of the building redone last year. I started my practice in the left side of the building and we had some growing pains. I was able to buy both buildings in short sale and we busted through 12 inches of brick to combine the two buildings. The remodel was a LONG process, but so worth it. The buildings really tie in well together. My wife and I, along with Dale Groves from Southern Traditions did the decorating.

BROOK: Tell me something interesting about Ryan Moore! A good story…

RYAN: Well I’m an Andy Griffith super fan, I’ve seen every episode at least 4-5 times. I don’t know that there’s anything too interesting about me… I’m pretty boring!

BROOK: Is that where you get all your wisdom? I get all my wisdom from Disney and Pixar movies.

RYAN: It’s a good show for wisdom! I get all mine from Sesame Street and the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now by default, thanks to my daughter. I

BROOK: I don’t believe there’s nothing interesting about you! How about when you were a kid? Did you ever ride your bike off into the river or kick a hornet’s nest?

RYAN: When I was growing up… I think I might have been 3 or 4 years old, my parents left my brother and me in the car to buy a toy box for us with the explicit instructions not to get out of the car! (Side note: I would like to caveat this statement with the fact that this was in the early 80’s when it was still ok to leave your kids in the car! Sorry kiddo's, but we were much tougher back then.) Of course we didn’t listen so when they came out of the house we were nowhere to be found! We had just walked over to the neighbors house, but now that I’m a father, I can imagine what kind of panic my parents must’ve felt. I’m a big ‘Ole Miss Fan… my wife converted me about 10 years ago and we try to catch several games a year… I studied abroad in Hong Kong for a year… (He adds nonchalantly)

BROOK: WHAT??? Now THAT’S what the kind of interesting thing I’m looking for! (If you noticed my “graphic content” notice at the beginning, this is what you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve got a weak stomach, you may want to stop reading now. Seriously. Consider yourself warned.)

RYAN: That was the highlight of my college career, my junior year. I studied at a place called Lingnan University. I stayed on campus with three other University students. We still stay in touch. Hong Kong has the most sophisticated transportation system in the world, so I got to see a lot of things. I’d love to go back someday.

BROOK: What’s the weirdest thing you ate in Hong Kong?

RYAN: Oh man… definitely pig’s blood. (gross) They ferment pig’s blood over there and I ate it. (GROSS!) I have an iron stomach, nothing makes me sick and I can eat just about anything. (hear that Joe Rogan?)

BROOK: Sooo... how does one eat pig’s blood (I ask with suspicion)?? What is it, like CONGEALED?? Like disgusting pig’s blood jello??

RYAN: YES! It’s EXACTLY like pig’s blood jello! Maroon tinted jello. And chicken feet. I ate chicken feet. There’s a lot of bones but there’s a little meat on the bone. It was either eat or starve there most days. *chuckle*

(At this point, the contorted look of disgust on my face and audible groans coming from my general direction are enough to indicate that I definitely regret asking the question. I compose myself long enough to finish up our interview, but just barely.)

BROOK: So what new and exciting things are coming up with the law practice?

RYAN: I’m going to be trying a 1st degree murder case soon… Obviously I can’t talk about the details, but that’s probably the most exciting case I have coming up.

We chat for a few minutes more about life and our kids. The "J" in Ryan J. Moore is for Julian, in case you were wondering (He's named after his grandmother Julia). I thank him for his time and head out on to North Spring St. I was going to get some lunch after this, but strangely enough I’ve lost my appetite!

Ryan's law office is located at 115 N. Spring Street in McMinnville, TN ~ 931-259-4077

Ryan J. Moore, Attorney at Law is a proud member of Main Street McMinnville.

*Just thought you all might like some of my cartoon wisdom

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